“What we are most passionate about, becomes our legacy.”


- Mike Crump

It's a personal story. But it's also an ancient story.

The Plaeides, a small cluster of stars in the Taurus constellation, have captured the imagination of humans from times immemorial. They have been a symbol for human civilization from ancient times, in every geography including the Egyptian civilization of Africa, the Vedic and Chinese civilizations of Asia, the Maya, Inca and Aztec civilizations of South America, aboriginal tribes of Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii and the Celtic tribes of Europe. Popularly called the Seven Sisters, they were used in navigation and in determining seasons. The earliest human calendars are said to be Plaeidean (before Solar and Lunar). A festival of lights (Halloween, Diwali) is celebrated around November in many cultures when the sun is in Plaeides. The month May is named after the Plaeidian star Maia. In Indian mythology, they are the six Krittika stars. The Krittika maidens are said to have been foster mothers of Lord Kartikeya. Plaeides also signify new beginnings, fertility, food and abundance.

Plaeides Knowledge Ventures hopes to bring a spirit of motherhood in creating and disseminating knowledge that positively impacts the life of children around the world.